Don’t consider offshoring software development for the purpose of solely saving money

Posted by DamonThomas on 10:02 AM, 04-Jun-14

In offshore software development, while there are many advantages to transferring software development to an offshore service provider, there are also drawbacks that should be taken into consideration before you proceed with transferring a project offshore. First, it is not a good idea to offshore purely just to save money. You should aim to expand or improve your business or service in an offshore market. Furthermore, you should never ignore the risks when moving a project offshore. Take into consideration employing a comprehensive risk management process with your offshore project. Never move all important functions offshore because there are more risks in doing so. You should not also ignore risks as moving your project offshore may mean less protection on your intellectual property and would need extensive security measures. Lastly, you should take into consideration to never hold on to a weak offshore service provider if you see that they could not succeed with your project within a few weeks or even months. You have to replace them if possible with a more competent offshore service provider.

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Offshore web development if a type of process where companies relocate their web development needs

Posted by DamonThomas on 09:46 AM, 04-Jun-14

An offshore web development service includes web app development, web design, effective internet marketing and other web development task. With the help of web development outsourcing, your business could be empowered on the web. Offshore development also helps in cutting prices at least three to five times. The price difference allows you to have better and improved website design for... [Read More]

What you should expect from a web development solutions service provider?

Posted by DamonThomas on 08:56 AM, 04-Jun-14

An effective service provider is one that could provide you with web development solutions that are highly effective. Moreover, he or she should also be able to meet your business's growing needs on the web. Additionally, your service provider should possess the technical skills in order to deliver development of several levels of complexity, from simple to complicated applications.Bear in... [Read More]

Choose a web development firm with ample experience in building and deploying websites

Posted by DamonThomas on 06:35 AM, 22-Jul-13

ThumbnailWeb development is not at all easy task for efficient web design work there are certain things that need to follow by your web development firm to produce best result for your project. Some of these are as following : (1) a good web development firm will provide a detailed services proposal or even a written SRS or System Requirements Specification before... [Read More]